Your step-by-step guide to safely and confidently introducing solids, and nourishing your little one in a way that builds strong foundations of health to defend against chronic illness

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What if I told you...

YOU have the power to help prevent chronic illness for your child?  

Are you frustrated by the fact that we're up against...

...a food system that places profits over the health of our children?

 ...a food system that has led to about 74% of U.S. adults & 40% of children & adolescents being overweight or obese?

...a food system that is inundated with chemicals & "food"-like substances?

...unrestricted food marketing to children?

...dietary guidelines & food policy that are influenced by the food industry? entire industry devoted to exploiting our brain chemistry to create chemicals which make food more or less addicting?





What if you could... 


Give your child a life free from chronic illness?

Leverage the power of nature’s medicine to improve, or even heal current health issues?

Help them grow into their happiest, healthiest, strongest, and smartest self?

Feel confident you are nourishing them in a way that protects & defends their health, from their very first bites & beyond?

Hi!  I'm Dr. Alyssa.

I’m a holistic pharmacist, and I’m passionate about helping you steward your child’s health, from their very first bites and beyond.

I'm also a mama like many of you, and I too am frustrated by the fact that we are up against a food system that is wreaking havoc on our health, and setting our children up for lives of chronic illness.  We have one of the sickest generations of children, with almost 1 in 2 dealing with some type of chronic health issue. I don’t want that for my children, and I don’t want that for yours. Our children deserve better.

The only thing standing between your child and our food system is YOU. 

As parents, we truly need to defend their health from the start. Their future depends on it.

I created the Holistic Baby-Led Weaning® course to help you do just that. 

Do you feel this same sense of responsibility?

Let's stand together and fight for our children, because no one will fight for them like we will. 

I'm in, sign me up!

 Did you know...?

Our child's nourishment during their first few years of life can influence their lifelong health.

Nutritional status during the first 1000 days of life can nutritionally program our child's risk for certain health conditions, diseases, and even cancers.


Window of opportunity

These early years serve as our opportunity to build solid, or thriving, foundations for our little one.


 So how can you do this?

Holistic Baby-Led Weaning®


This course is your step-by-step guide to safely and confidently introducing solids, and nourishing your little one in a way that builds strong foundations of health to defend against chronic illness.

I'm ready, sign me up!

What's inside?

Let's take a peek...


In this module you will learn how best to engage with the course, so you can walk away saying "this course changed my life, and has empowered and equipped me to protect & defend my child's health."  

Module 1

Establishing Thriving Foundations

In this module you will learn how lifelong health is influenced by first foods.  You will also learn factors which contribute to disease, and how you can leverage Holistic Baby-Led Weaning™ to reduce your child's risk for developing disease.


Module 2

Baby-Led Weaning 101

From getting started, to preventing choking, to the truth about introducing allergens, this module will leave you feeling much more confident about your little one's very first bites & beyond. 

Module 3

Nourishing Your Little

Think about nutrients as the building blocks that determine the strength of your child's foundation.  Which nutrients are most important during the first few years of their life?  Which nutrients help protect & defend their health?  By the end of this module, you will feel confident you are choosing foods that provide the specific nutrients your little one needs to thrive.  

Module 4

Protective Nourishment

This is the nitty gritty of the course.  This module will teach you exactly how to nourish your little one in a way that protects & defends their health.  You will learn how to support their gut health & metabolism, how to optimize nutrient-density, how to use food as medicine to support their immune system, & how to minimize the toxic burden placed on them.  

Module 5

First Bites & Beyond

This module will provide you with everything you need to implement Holistic Baby-Led Weaning™.  Need guidance on WHAT to feed, WHEN to introduce it, and HOW?  This module is your answer. You will also learn how to help foster healthy relationships with food & meal time, how to promote mindful eating & self-regulation, and how to navigate picky eating.  By the end of this module, you will be feeling confident about raising a thriving eater!


 through a user-friendly app so you can listen to video lessons while sippin' your morning coffee or driving to work.


means you can refer to these lessons any time during your child’s feeding journey from their first bites & beyond.


with resources & studies referenced so you can use this course as a starting point for your own research.

I want to make sure you have everything you need to start Baby-Led Weaning with confidence.  These bonuses are guaranteed to make your life easier, and help eliminate the stress and overwhelm that comes with starting solids. Consider these to be the cherry on top!

Bonus #1

Food Introduction & Meal Planning Templates

This guide is your key to eliminating the guesswork so you can feel confident you are choosing foods that support your baby's growing body.  

Included is a list of suggested foods that align with Holistic Baby-Led Weaning, along with general guidance on when to introduce them (through age 2).  Need a sample meal plan for inspiration?  This guide includes one for the first few months of solids.

(Hint: you’ll want to print this for the fridge)

Bonus #2

Pharma to Farm:

Supplement Guide

No more stressing about supplements!  This guide will help you confidently determine which supplements might be right for your little one.

Included in this guide is a list of commonly recommended supplements, along with their associated risks & benefits.  Holistic or natural alternatives for each of the supplements are also included. 

Bonus #3

Shopping Lists &

Sourcing Guide

This guide will help eliminate the overwhelm that comes from not knowing what to buy or where to buy it.  Confused by ingredient labels or strategic marketing terms?  I got you.

Included in this guide are shopping lists, snack ideas, resources for finding quality food, questions to ask your farmer, & "ingredients to avoid" lists.  Also included is information about plant-based milks. 

Sounds great!

So how much does it cost?

When you enroll TODAY, you'll get instant access to...

6 engaging modules (value: $1200)

Food Introduction & Meal Plan Guide (value: $77)

Pharma to Farm: Supplement Guide (value: $97)

Minimizing Toxins: Clean Swaps Guide (value $77)

Introducing Grains & Allergens Guides (value $147) 

Exclusive access to our Private Facebook Community (value: $PRICELESS) 

Additional supplemental guides: (value: $297)

Total Value: $1,895

Deep breath, I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that.  I want this course to be accessible to you if you're committed to protecting & defending your child's health.   If that sounds like you, you're in the right place.  Because I'm passionate about helping you take control of your little one's health, you can grab membership inside the Holistic Baby-Led Weaning™ course for just...


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This course is absolutely a must have for all new parents. It has all the information you'll need to ensure your child is set up for success in the best way. I began BLW with my first child 2 years ago. I read all the books, articles and blogs. I joined Facebook groups and followed Instagram accounts. I spent a ton of time researching and finding information. I struggled at times to know if I was doing the right thing, especially with allergens! My second child is almost 6 months old now and I feel way more prepared after going through this course. I know I will have all information and references in one place when he is showing all signs of readiness! As a pediatric chiropractor, parents are always asking me if I have tips for starting solids. I 100% will be recommending this course. Save your time, energy, and sanity. This course is all you need. Not only will you feel confident feeding your child, but there is really important nutritional information here for everyone!

Anna Anderson D.C.

Pediatric Chiropractor at Revival Chiropractic in Stillwater, MN

As an OT, I talk about these things in my practice but it's often not taken seriously regarding  how much food impacts coping skills and mental health, as well as physical health. This course covers so much from an OT perspective in terms of early oral motor development, being aware of the environment, and reducing the chances of picky eating! And then helps parents truly build gut integrity. This is a gift to every family (even with older children!).  If every family could have this information and start food this's the best gift we could give our child for lifelong health (and generations to come). TRULY FOUNDATIONAL for wellness and for creating lifelong adventurous eaters. This course is worth every penny! I am blown away by it's depth and amazing amount of resources but yet ease of understanding it all! 

Lindsay Williamson, MS, OTR/L  

IG: @roottoraise 

The Holistic Baby-Lead Weaning online course by Dr. Alyssa is a "must have" course into introducing holistic nutrition and actual food for your new baby. The topics and content discussed are well rounded and thorough to help you be comfortable you are getting the optimal nutrition and guidance to have a healthy and happy baby. The information is applicable to both the baby as well as the parents to make sure the whole family is eating right. Healthy eating is the best way to achieve optimal health and this is an excellent program to get your family started. 

Clement Lee, NMD

Optimal Health & Wellness, Pasadena, CA

See what other students have said...

"Holistic Baby-Led Weaning is the course that you need if you are interested in BLW and are wanting to nourish your little. I began this course when my babe was 8 months old and I sure wish I had it prior to 6 months before beginning BLW. I started diving into BLW without really knowing what foods you should start with and why. I really only focused on the shape of the foods and texture. This led my baby to experience less bowel movements than previously as only breastfed. Through this course, Alyssa helped me understand the importance of gut health and how to ensure my little was being nourished through the food I was providing her. I love that this course is broken down into different modules which allow you to jump around and re-listen/watch previous lessons easily. In openness, I am hesitant on spending money on courses for my little because you never know if it truly is going to be valuable, but this one is!! I would purchase it over and over!"

-Raena C.

"WOW is all I have to say about this course. It gives you all of the information you could possibly need to make healthy and holistic choices when it comes to your babes first foods. The whole idea of defending and protecting our little ones immune system when it comes to what we are feeding them is so valuable. Alyssa does such a great job giving you all of the research and explaining it in a way that is easy to comprehend while being incredibly informative. You will definitely walk away with so much confidence in not just what you should be feeding your little one, but also WHY you should be choosing these foods. She does a great job at covering all of your basic baby led weaning questions like allergens, pros and cons, and food preparation but also dove so much deeper into the importance of food and nutrients. If you’re thinking about starting your little one on solids I cannot recommend this course enough!!"

-Cali M.

"The compiled sources, backed by thoroughly cross-researched science and studies, are worth their weight in gold. Dr Alyssa did not take her course lightly- she invested her all into this material and your mind will be blown by how confident and reassured you feel after diving in. When I finished this course I honestly redid many modules because the dense information you get in such an easily digestible layout is ADDICTING. This is all the information I thrive on but didn’t know I needed. You won’t regret it mama.  It’s changed my life in the way that my second child is an absolute breeze when introducing new foods, especially textured meats that I struggle to get my first born to try because I waited too long to introduce.  I was timid with my first and this course gave me every bit of confidence I needed."



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